Finit reaches 100+ OneStream clients and 300+ OneStream projects

Early in 2021, Finit announced the company reached 100+ OneStream Software clients. With a long history of working with OneStream and achieving this new milestone, Finit continues to be the industry-leading OneStream Software Diamond level partner.

Finit now has 115+ OneStream clients, and has also reached 350+ OneStream projects! To achieve OneStream Software Diamond Partner level, consulting firms must have 25 live OneStream projects. Finit's 350+ projects is "14 times" the required minimum for Diamond level, and the most OneStream projects delivered by any consulting team in the world.

Finit is the OneStream market leader


Why does Finit’s unparalleled experience matter to you?

With 125+ OneStream-trained consultants, Finit has the largest OneStream practice in the industry. Our history with OneStream Software, combined with our unparalleled experience and unique approach to solving some of the most complex finance & technology challenges, makes Finit the safest and best choice to deliver success for your OneStream project.

In addition, Finit:

  • Offers the largest library of accelerators in OneStream
  • Offers the largest bank of tailored solutions
  • Has 100% client success

Our goal is to consistently deliver value through excellent solutions – with integrity and with a constant focus on what is in the best interest of our clients. Thank you to each and every one of our clients who trusted the Finit team with their OneStream CPM implementation and enabled us to achieve this milestone. 

"Everyone on the team brought an expertise with the platform. The bench of the resources, the knowledge of the platform, just the experience overall. Plus, I think everyone that we’ve worked with at Finit has been great...we get along with and enjoy working with [the Finit team] and that’s always a kind of cherry on top.”

-Ryan Wild, VP Global Technologies and Solutions Group – The Carlyle Group

Here are some of the milestones we've hit on our journey to becoming the leading OneStream Software partner.

  • The first implementation partner
  • The first OneStream Software design
  • The first three OneStream Software implementations to go live
  • The first end-to-end implementation
  • The largest and most complex OneStream Software implementations
  • The first OneStream Software third party MarketPlace solution, originally named RequestIt™, was acquired by OneStream in 2021 and renamed "Application Control Manager"
  • 125+ consultants trained on OneStream Software; 16 who are OneStream Certified Professional Lead Architects
  • 115+ clients and 350+ projects

Our partnership approach aligns everything we do to client success

At Finit, our approach to working with every client is “person-to-person”. Our consultants cultivate relationships with the client team members. This helps develop relationships that lead to more collaboration, better results, and unmatched experiences. It is this approach that has enabled us to achieve success. 

"The value that Finit added was that they looked at the issues from our perspective they did not look at things as a canned project that they would be in and out in so many days. They really wanted to make sure that we had the solution that worked for us.”

-George Galdo, Director of International Financial Reporting – Curtis Instruments

We are proud to be the leading OneStream Software partner. More importantly, we are grateful to our clients who have trusted us to partner with them.

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