At Finit, we recognize that to be successful we need to bring together individuals of different perspectives, cognitive styles, backgrounds, cultures, and demographics.  Our “Different Together” value celebrates our efforts to foster a welcoming environment that amplifies voices and thrives on contributions from all.

Our time together at the OneStream Splash event in Washington DC is an ideal opportunity to continue the conversation started last year.  We invite the OneStream family – customers, employees & partners – in this ongoing effort to improve Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within the CPM industry.

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Monday, April 17, 2023
National Harbor Conference Center: Rooms 10 & 11

In this session, Finit's DE&I Council will host a panel discussion on the impact of DE&I policies on:

  • Changes in the CPM industry
  • Shifts in Organizational Thinking
  • Impact on Talent Management including Recruiting, Hiring, Retention & Development

Space is limited. A reservation is required for attendance.

Finit DE&I Mission Statement

Foster a culture that thrives on unique perspectives and to nurture a welcoming environment where everyone is respected, valued, and comfortable being their authentic selves. We will accomplish this by advocating for fair treatment and opportunities for growth, development, and advancement so that we are better prepared to build better versions of ourselves, of our company, and of our communities.

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